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IGN: Jonhan
By Jonhan » 8 months ago
One of the biggest updates in ClimaxMC history is finally here! We're going to be expanding into a network, but this time it's all custom.

KitPvP (Now ClimaxPvP):
- The classic Climax KitPvP is back, and better than ever.
- Added Map Rotation with 2 new maps.
- Added new kits, removed old broken ones.
- Balanced kits (Further balancing will be up to you!)
- Leaderboards (/top command for 1.7)

- Completely new gamemode, custom coded!
- Custom knockback and potion velocity.
- Leaderboards per kit in the leaderboard menu.

We hope you all enjoy the new updates, you can participate here in the forums to give suggestions or report bugs!

Thanks for playing,
- ClimaxMC Staff Team

ClimaxMC Owner // Developer