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By Jonhan » 6 months ago
Hello all!
  • Season III is scheduled to release Friday evening (so tomorrow evening!) which will bring the release of Practice 2.0, updates to ClimaxPvP, and as with every season, a stats reset (Which is essential, though I know not everyone likes it).
Here are the final Top Kills and Top KS leaderboards for Season II:
Top Kills:

Top KS:

As was mentioned in the last announcement, the top players on these leaderboards that meet the requirements (Not banned, not staff, etc.) will be able to claim their rank right here on the forums! Congratulations to Understands and Jakehnma for winning a free Master rank.
You MUST claim your rank by friday evening to receive it! Claim your rank by messaging me in the ClimaxMC Discord (

​- Jonhan

ClimaxMC Owner // Developer