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By Jonhan » 6 months ago
It's been over a month and Season II will be ending soon. Yes, this does mean that stats will reset, but that's really for the better as it gives you the chance to rise to the top of the leaderboards and dominate other players! Season III will also bring lots of updates!

- As a token of gratitude for our most dedicated players, the #1 player on the Kills and Killstreak leaderboards will receive a free Master Rank!
- Some other small changes since our main focus as of late has been Practice.

Practice 2.0 will be released when Season III starts and brings lots of new features and better gameplay, so be ready for that as well!
- People with donor ranks will be able to join the Practice in Beta, message me on discord for a whitelist!

When will this happen? Though we don't have a set date yet, we hope to be pushing these updates out within the next 1-2 weeks, and a release date will be set within a week.

Thanks for playing!
- Jonhan

ClimaxMC Owner // Developer